40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming

Some of our favorite memories from a playable galaxy far, far away

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Characters and vehicles showing up in non-'Star Wars' games

32. Characters and vehicles showing up in non-'Star Wars' games

Some of the most pleasant gaming surprises over the years for Star Wars fans have been seeing their favorite characters show up in games without "Star Wars" in the title. Who would have suspected they'd be able to perform sick tricks in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (Darth Maul) and 4 (Jango Fett)? A little less of a stretch were unlockables in LucasArts games, like Han Solo in Pandemic's Mercenaries, X-wings and TIE fighters in Secret Weapons Over Normandy, several cameos in LEGO Indiana Jones 2. And by 2008, the appearances of Yoda (Xbox 360) and Vader (PS3), plus Starkiller from The Force Unleashed in Soul Calibur IV.

"Because LucasArts was publishing both Battlefront and Mercenaries, the team was allowed to put Han in Mercenaries as an Easter egg," says Star Wars Battlefront Director Eric Giz Gewertz, then of Pandemic Studios. "It was pretty awesome. We even poked around with the idea of making an open-world Han Solo game with the Mercenaries engine but, alas, it was not meant to be."

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