40 Most Memorable Moments in 'Star Wars' Gaming
There have been many great 'Star Wars' moments in games Lucasarts

It's been 40 years since today that Star Wars hit American theaters. You know the rest: changed the face of pop culture…revolutionized movie merchandising and blockbuster moviemaking…all that jazz.

Incredibly, Star Wars took five years to take its first official leap into gaming, but it's since become one of gaming's most prolific franchises and hasn't looked back. Well over 100 games have been released over the years – some good, some great, some Bantha poodoo. But with them all comes what's rooted fervent Star Wars fandom for four decades now: a unique sense of nostalgia.

This isn't a list of the greatest Star Wars games ever made – rather, this is a list of our fondest memories shaped by Star Wars gaming. Better yet, developers dating back to the first ever Star Wars game have weighed in with memories of their own.