16 Innovative Games That Were Way Ahead of Their Time

From 'Herzog Zwei' and 'Winback' to 'Elite' and 'Body Harvest,' these are games that provided the blueprint for today's biggest hits

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Body Harvest (1998)

Although quite different stylistically, without DMA Design's Nintendo 64 game Body Harvest, there would be no Grand Theft Auto as we know it today. Initially conceived as one of Nintendo's "Dream Team" games alongside projects from Midway, LucasArts, and Rare, Body Harvest was the first 3D game from the Lemmings-making studio and had players exploring an open world as a genetically engineered super soldier saving humanity from violent, hungry aliens. The game let you jump into any vehicle you found, and you could squish the bad guys by running them over as well as shooting at them. Sound familiar? Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto really didn't like it, and bumped the game from the N64 launch schedule (it was picked up by Midway for release much later in 1998) but DMA founder David Jones was able to use it to illustrate a larger idea he was working on to Sam and Dan Houser, who were launching a fledgling game label at BMG. The resulting follow-up, originally pitched as Race-n-Chase, eventually became the original Grand Theft Auto.

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