10 WTF 'Star Wars' Games

From kart-racing to chess to Death Star real estate wrangling, here are the 10 unlikeliest expressions of the galaxy far, far away

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Yoda Stories

Yoda Stories

While they were hanging out on Dagobah, you probably thought Yoda spent most of his time training Luke to use the Force and work on his biceps. According to Yoda Stories, he actually sent Luke on missions to procedurally generated planets around the galaxy where he collected items and waggled his lightsaber at Stormtroopers. Also, he had a really large head. Yoda Stories came out on the GameBoy Color but its original home was on Windows where it was designed to play in a tiny corner of your screen, a Star Wars-themed distraction on a par with Minesweeper or Solitaire. That's a pretty modest aim, at which it almost succeeded.

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