10 WTF 'Star Wars' Games

From kart-racing to chess to Death Star real estate wrangling, here are the 10 unlikeliest expressions of the galaxy far, far away

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Tiny Death Star

Tiny Death Star

In Clerks, there's a scene where Randall expounds his theory that when the Death Star got blown up in Return of the Jedi, it would have been full of innocent contractors hired by the Empire for an ordinary building job and wholly undeserving of execution. (Clerks is a movie from 1994, before the internet made having fan theories about Star Wars tiresome.) Tiny Death Star goes one further than Randall, asking "What if the Imperial interrogation chambers were all hidden underneath a combined apartment building/mall and you were in charge of running its ice cream stores and karaoke bars?" Occasionally, the Emperor calls you into his chamber, steeples his fingers, and cackles, "YOU MUST BUILD ANOTHER RESIDENTIAL LEVEL."

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