10 WTF 'Star Wars' Games

From kart-racing to chess to Death Star real estate wrangling, here are the 10 unlikeliest expressions of the galaxy far, far away

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Star Wars Chess
Software Toolworks7/10

Star Wars Chess

The holochess game played on the Millennium Falcon with the cute stop-motion monsters was named Dejarik by West End Games' tabletop Star Wars RPG and is apparently played across the galaxy. But according to the opening crawl of Software Toolworks' Star Wars Chess, the Empire and the Rebellion prefer to "settle their differences through the ancient, eternal game of CHESS." Not just any chess, but Battle Chess, complete with animated death scenes as, say, C3-PO (a bishop) takes Darth Vader (a queen) by bashing the Sith Lord with a severed robotic arm. Every confrontation between pieces has its own animation, and they've been helpfully catalogued on YouTube, in case you want to see what happens when Chewbacca takes on the Emperor. Should've let the Wookiee win.

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