10 of the Best, Worst and Weirdest King Arthur Games Ever Made

Whether he's time-travelling to punch dinosaurs, or ripping off 'Zelda' games – England's sword-snatching hero is never short of an extra life

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Time Paradox
Flair Software10/10

Time Paradox

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge wasn't the only game to turn Arthurian legend into a time travel story, and not even the only one to throw in a trip to Dinosaur Times. Time Paradox also has a time-traveling Morgana as its villain, but its hero is a time cop named Kaz who travels through the ages solving puzzles in her underwear. One of the first puzzles has her use a caveman as a makeshift bridge over a ravine, and later find batteries for a boombox to get a crown. It's very much a “use item on item” point-and-click game of the old school. In one modern touch it ends with Kaz freeing Merlin in a reversal of the usual trope.

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