10 of the Best, Worst and Weirdest King Arthur Games Ever Made

Whether he's time-travelling to punch dinosaurs, or ripping off 'Zelda' games – England's sword-snatching hero is never short of an extra life

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Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic and the Black Knight

Given that Sonic The Hedgehog was turned into a werewolf one time it shouldn't seem strange that he also got summoned to the medieval period by Merlina, granddaughter of Merlin. And yet Sonic and the Black Knight is a strange game. When Sonic gets to the middle ages he has to fight Arthur himself, who has been turned evil by the immortality granted by Excalibur. It's a surprisingly subversive take. Then Sonic, who it should be remembered is a hedgehog able to transform into a buzzsaw, is given his own sword to fight with. By the end of the game he has combined with the sword of kings to become Excalibur Sonic and been declared the true ruler of the land because why the hell not?

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