10 of the Best, Worst and Weirdest King Arthur Games Ever Made

Whether he's time-travelling to punch dinosaurs, or ripping off 'Zelda' games – England's sword-snatching hero is never short of an extra life

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Knights of the Round

Knights of the Round

The name Knights of the Round might ring a bell as the powerful summon from Final Fantasy VII, but it was also the name of an arcade brawler from Street Fighter creator, Capcom. A cross between Final Fight and Sega's Golden Axe, it has Arthur and his knights marching from left to right defeating legendary opponents like Sword Man and Bad Falcon on a quest that may have lost something in translation. As Merlin explains during the intro: “Only the holy grail can release this world from attain the chaos, You should be able to find it because you were able to sacred sword. Help each other and find it, brave men!!”

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