10 of the Best, Worst and Weirdest King Arthur Games Ever Made

Whether he's time-travelling to punch dinosaurs, or ripping off 'Zelda' games – England's sword-snatching hero is never short of an extra life

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King Arthur & the Knights of Justice

King Arthur & the Knights of Justice

Imagine if A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court was a 1990s cartoon with an eye on the merchandising possibilities and the Yankee was replaced by an entire football team from modern times. That's the plot of the TV show King Arthur & the Knights of Justice, which has the New York Knights football team substitute for the Knights of the Round Table when they're captured by the evil Morgana. It wasn't hugely popular, canceled after two seasons, but it still managed to get a SNES adaptation in 1995 that turned it into a top-down RPG in the Legend of Zelda mold in which the footballers must break Morgana's spell before they can return to “the land of cheeseburgers.”

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