10 of the Best, Worst and Weirdest King Arthur Games Ever Made

Guy Richie's King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword movie joins a grand tradition. Since at least the 12th century King Arthur stories have been written by compiling and retelling existing tales. That's when British cleric Geoffrey of Monmouth first took stories about separate characters centuries apart and welded them together to give us a recognizable Arthur and Merlin, and that's how their tales have continued being told. Decades later Chrétien de Troyes spiced things up by adding the French knight Lancelot, some romance and the importance of the Holy Grail, while in the 15th century Thomas Malory changed the villainous Mordred to make him Arthur's own illegitimate and incestuous son. Poets, historians, screenwriters, authors, and Monty Python all reshaped Arthurian legend for their own times.

And so have video game developers. The setting of Arthurian Britain lends itself naturally to fantasy roleplaying games (and has), but it's also inspired games in plenty of other genres and has been deployed to bring new life to a couple of gaming's most famous icons. To celebrate yet another retelling of the tale – albeit in the form of a film with more slo-mo fight scenes than Raging Bull – here's ten of the best, worst and just plain weirdest King Arthur games that have graced our TV screens and monitors over the years.