10 'Hearthstone' Streamers You Should be Watching

Whether you're looking to learn new deck-building skills or see some top-quality play, these are the most entertaining and helpful streamers to watch


Almost a million followers can't be wrong. Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan is the at the top of the food chain when it comes to Hearthstone streamers, and a quick look at his output should help tell you why. Not only is Kripp one of the most prolific streamers in the game, he's also one of the most relatable.

As a top Arena player, Kripp's stream offers a bit more variation in decks, play styles, and opponents than you'll find in the average Hearthstone stream. And since he's all about being "respectful" toward his viewer base, he doesn't cram his feed with overlays or on-screen animations that might otherwise distract from the game. "My goal is to be as respectful and thankful to every viewer that comes and watches," he says. "And I think over a long period of time, the people that stick around are the ones who realize that." He can get salty when he loses and he has a penchant for complaining, but it's all just tough love: for someone as dedicated as Kripp, Hearthstone is life, and it's compelling to watch.

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