10 'Hearthstone' Streamers You Should be Watching

Whether you're looking to learn new deck-building skills or see some top-quality play, these are the most entertaining and helpful streamers to watch

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It's a fact that we tend to forget in the heat of a demoralizing loss or in the bitterness of a nerf to the decks we play, but Hearthstone is supposed to be a fun game of strategy and randomly-generated hijinks. Sean "Day9" Plott, a former Starcraft: Brood War pro and Starcraft 2 commentator, isn't strictly a Hearthstone streamer – his Twitch channel tends to mix it up with a bunch of different games – but he's still the streamer most likely to remind you of what made you fall in love with Hearthstone in the first place.

Day9 plays janky, gimmicky, non-meta decks. He doesn't always know exactly what he's doing. But he laughs when his opponents have insane luck and he loses his shit when he pulls off unlikely combos, and for that, he's one of our favorite streamers.

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