10 'Hearthstone' Streamers You Should be Watching

Whether you're looking to learn new deck-building skills or see some top-quality play, these are the most entertaining and helpful streamers to watch

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Jason "Amaz" Chan is known for two things: his devotion to Hearthstone's Priest class, and his penchant for loud, high-energy stream sessions. HIs bombastic laughter and occasional screams might not be for everyone, but Amaz' stream is exciting and – thanks to the combo-oriented nature of the Priest class – often unpredictable. Since Amaz has developed an eye for pretty much every weird idiosyncrasy of Priest gameplay, you'll often tune into Amaz' stream and find him wrestling with an absolute puzzle box of a board state, only to watch him untangle it, screaming at the top of his lungs, as the turn timer burns down. It's a very specific, maximalist viewing experience, but Amaz's stream packs more personality into a single game than most can muster over the course of an entire stream.

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