10 Crazy Expensive Game Collectibles

From $250k watches to a solid gold PS4, meet the elite gaming status symbols you’ll never be able to afford

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Perfect Penalty 2012
Alina Avdeeva4/10

Perfect Penalty 2012

Now this is some deliciously decadent shit. Are you a stinking rich Millennial who regularly bathes in caviar, constantly garnishes their toast with avocado shavings, and thinks nothing of blowing $300 on shitty soccer apps? Hoo-boy is this ever the game for you. Compared to a $258k watch, this crummy app may not seem like the steepest investment, but then again, you're literally dropping the cost of a PS4 and a couple of titles on a glorified minigame that lets you take penalties. Not an actual soccer match; just penalty kicks. If you get amorously aroused wasting your hard-earned, Perfect Penalty is going to provide quite the thrill. 

Where to buy: iTunes App Store

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