10 Crazy Expensive Game Collectibles

From $250k watches to a solid gold PS4, meet the elite gaming status symbols you’ll never be able to afford

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Master Chief Halo 3 MKVI Armor

Master Chief Halo 3 MKVI Armor

Hedonism, thy name is a custom-made foam suit that makes its wearer look like a Covenant-slaying demigod. That, or a giant space sap. If you’ve got a spare couple of grand kicking about, may we point your battered saving accounts towards this amazingly tailored Spartan armor. Why rock up to that next Halloween party with a bike helmet you've painted green and some dyed shoulder pads when you could appear as a Master Chief that looks authentic enough to star in that Halo film Hollywood's never going to make? And hey, if anyone laughs at you for dressing as a intergalactic supersoldier, that just means they're jealous… and poor.

Where to buy: Etsy 

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