10 Crazy Expensive Game Collectibles

From $250k watches to a solid gold PS4, meet the elite gaming status symbols you’ll never be able to afford

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Kojima Productions Ludens statue
Sideshow Collectibles 6/10

Kojima Productions Ludens statue

So, you fancy yourself a Hideo Kojima superfan, do you? Pah! You may have finished Metal Gear Solid 4 ten times to unlock its platinum trophy, but you can't call yourself a true Koj obsessive until you've put yourself in the poor house buying a $2,000 mascot. The official face of Hideo-san's new studio, the rebooted (Konami-free) Kojima Productions, Ludens is one seriously fly space dude. He may never get his own game – Kojima is busy with upcoming PS4 actioner Death Stranding, after all – yet that shouldn't stop you from forking out on a toy that has a bonafide EVA suit with turning parts. You heard: turning parts! 

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