10 Crazy Expensive Game Collectibles

From $250k watches to a solid gold PS4, meet the elite gaming status symbols you’ll never be able to afford

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Geth Pulse Full Scale Replica
Project Triforce8/10

Geth Pulse Full Scale Replica

Next time a friend lectures you for being obsessed with material possessions, just point this awesomely authentic Geth Pulse rifle in their face. That spare $1,000 currently burning a hole in your coin purse could buy you 20 pounds and 34 inches of one of the raddest video game guns ever sculpted. Cast in polystone and rocking its very own working LED lights, Triforce's amazing replica captures the alien-slaughtering essence of one of Commander Shepard's coolest weapons. After the disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda, N7 fans with obnoxiously large wads of disposable income deserve to treat themselves with this awesome space blaster. 

Where to buy: Project Triforce 

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