10 Crazy Expensive Game Collectibles

From $250k watches to a solid gold PS4, meet the elite gaming status symbols you’ll never be able to afford

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Bayonetta 2 Replica

Bayonetta 2 Replica "Love is Blue" Guns

Let us introduce your soon to be assaulted savings to four replica pistols that are going to obliterate any chance of you ever getting a mortgage. Prelude, Minuet, Toccata and Nocturne make up the sassy witch's "Love is Blue" signature guns in Platinum Games' excellent sequel. The in-game firearms were forged by demon-smith Rodin, and judging by the level of craft that's gone into manufacturing these astonishing collectibles, designer Turi Osorio has clearly made a pact with the Devil to make such exquisite replicas. At nearly $1,500, and molded from the seriously expensive sounding "urethane resin", these toy Mausers are a must for gamers with hideously deep pockets. 

Where to buy: Etsy

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