10 Biggest Video Game Duds of 2016

From 'No Man's Sky' to 'Mighty No.9', this year saw more than its fair share of high-profile disappointments

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It sounded so good on paper: why not get the team that made loot-hoarding, comedic RPG Borderlands to make a first-person MOBA? But far from turning the rest of Gearbox's year into a happy mix of periodic content updates and counting piles of money, Battleborn's mostly drab characters and uninspired gameplay saw player numbers plummeting even before Overwatch appeared like some kind of world-eating, competition-nuking machine. Somehow misplacing the humor that defines Borderlands along with any of the compulsive itch of its gameplay, the truth is that – even without Overwatch – this is a game defined by being average in a year when quality was almost everywhere else you looked. It's by no means the most dispiriting online experience of 2016, but Battleborn feels far more of a lost opportunity for having squandered its undeniable promise.

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