Listen to the Haunting 'Prey' Soundtrack

Check out Mick Gordon's evocative, synth-heavy album for Arkane's new sci-fi adventure

After months of preview videos and teases, Prey is finally out today – but if you're stuck at work and unable to explore the creepy corridors of the Talos-1 space station until later tonight, you can at least evoke the game's spooky vibe by listening to the soundtrack.

Produced by 31-year-old Australian composer Mick Gordon – who most recently won accolades for his blistering industrial metal Doom soundtrack – the album features 14 tracks that evoke sci-fi movies of the Eighties with their ambient soundscapes, haunting guitar lines and speaker-rattling synth beats. If you're a fan of synthwave acts like Perturbator or Power Glove, there's plenty to love here. Though music is used sparingly in the game, listening to the album evokes the creepy vibe that developer Arkane conjures so well from the earliest minutes of the experience.

You can listen to the game’s original tracks using the player below, or stream it on Spotify or Apple Music. It's also available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon Music or Google Play.