Latest 'Quake Champions' Character Has X-Ray Vision

Visor can see through walls with his Piercing Sight Active Ability


The latest addition to the Quake Champions roster has a useful ability, he can see through walls.That's right, that fleshy face mask Visor is wearing isn't just for fashion, it's  filled with putrefied blood to grant him the Piercing Sight Active Ability.

His passive ability is unlimited speed – he can keeping gaining speed when strafe-jumping – and combined with the ability to see players through walls he'll be a tough opponent in the arena. Visor first appeared in Quake 3 Arena, showing up in Tier 5 of singleplayer. His back story is all cybernetic cloning and Moscow Intelligence experimentation. He'll be playable as part of the Quake Champions Large-Scale Tech Test, which will run from May 12 to May 21. Unlike the previous weekends-only structure of the beta, the game will remain live 24/7 during the Tech Test.

Bethesda also announced that the first esports tournament for Quake Champions (in both Duel and the new 4v4 team-based mode, Sacrifice) will be held at this year’s Quakecon, Aug 24 to 27 in Dallas. The qualifiers for the tournament will start in June.