Latest 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Patch Adds Super Easy Mode

For players who just want to experience the game's story

Horizon Zero Dawn's latest patch will introduce a new super-easy difficulty option, developer Guerilla Games announced today.

The "Story" difficulty mode boosts the damage players can deal to foes, all the while reducing damage inflicted upon protagonist Aloy. This gives any players just wanting to experience the game's story and world a chance to do so with limited obstacles. Conversely, the developer added an "Ultra Hard" option to the game last month for players who want an entirely different experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn is not the first game to offer such an option. Last year, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – also a PlayStation 4 exclusive – shipped with its own Story option for those less inclined to combat.

Horizon Zero Dawn was released earlier this year. Publisher Sony has expressed its interest in making this series a staple for the PlayStation 4, saying it sees Aloy becoming one of the company's flagship mascot characters. The company may get its wish, as it was recently announced the game had sold over 3.4 million units.