Latest 'Arms' Update Adds New Fighter

Update also adds new gameplay badges, fixes to online play and adds an assortment of character adjustments

The latest update for Arms adds a new fighter called "Springtron," Nintendo announced yesterday. Along with the new character, update 4.1 adds new gameplay badges, fixes to online play and adds an assortment of character adjustments. 

Springtron, as explained by Nintendo, initially has the same arms as character "Spring Man." However, when Spring Man unlocks new arms, they'll also be unlocked for Springtron. 

Additionally, new badges have been added for specific "fighter/ARM combinations" and for "fulfilling certain conditions on stages with environmental gimmicks."

Nintendo also announced it fixed issues where the guarding would be cancelled out after time runs out in online play, not allowing players to defend against post-time attacks. The company also fixed a bug where player voices could be heard before the beginning of a match. 

Lastly, Nintendo made tweaks and adjustments to a number of the game's characters. Check out the changes in full below:


  • Duration of immobility when masking up reduced (The Misanga is pleased).


  • Increased curving
  • Increased expansion rate of charge attacks.
  • Shortened wait time prior to scorpion jumping.
  • Decreased extension speed.
  • Decreased flotation during jump attacks.
  • Decreased speed of charge attacks.
  • Decreased homing during jumping attacks.


  • Increased curving.
  • Increased homing.
  • Decreased flotation during jump attacks.


  • Increased retraction speed.
  • Fixed issue where retraction speed would be greatly slowed at times.


  • Increased rush damage.


  • Increased retraction speed.


  • Increased retraction speed.
  • Increased homing.


  • Decreased retraction speed. Speed of charge attacks is unaffected.


  • Decreased speed of direction changes during rush attacks.


  • Fixed issue where under certain conditions projectiles would freeze in mid-air.