KFC Giving Away Real Chicken Dinners to 'PUBG' Fans on Twitch

But only to certain winner winners

Credit: KFC

Fans of the popular online battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are very familiar with the phrase, "Winner winner chicken dinner." It pops up whenever someone scores the top spot in a match. Naturally, fried chicken purveyor KFC is now teaming up with video game streaming platform Twitch to provide free chicken dinners to PUBG fans this month.

On March 24th and 25th, PUBG streamers Sacriel, Sequisha, Anthony Kongphan, and Dr. Lupo will compete for chicken dinners, while viewers can use a new KFC bucket emote in livestream chat. If they blast it every time a streamer wins the coveted chicken dinner, they'll have a chance to win a $5 KFC gift card.

Additionally, the streamers will randomly give away KFC-themed "loot crates" to viewers. They include a Colonel Sanders ghillie suit, a survival spork, a skillet, a mask, and a $50 KFC gift card.