Jimmy Kimmel Makes Fun of Facebook Spaces

New virtual reality social network concept ripped on late night TV

Facebook Spaces mocked on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Jimmy Kimmel Live

Facebook revealed a new social VR product for Oculus (and the Touch controllers) earlier this week called Spaces. It's currently in early beta, but it's available already in the Oculus store, and is designed as an early look at the company's vision for how VR will change the way people "hang out" online. It features pretty much all the usual social media stuff you'd expect, from avatars to image sharing and chat, only in full 3D with gestures.

While it's an interesting concept, there's plenty to be cynical about – and Jimmy Kimmel pretty much nails what lots of us are thinking in this spot about the new tech. Comments like "take a look at this place I'll never go," and "this is the apartment that I'll never invite you over to," certainly capture how a lot of people may think about sharing experiences like this.

While funny, the spot speaks to the larger issue that VR has in convincing people that it really can provide something magical and social – and importantly essential – outside of entertainment experiences.