Here's How You'll Transfer Xbox One Settings, Games to Xbox One X

Microsoft details three ways its making it easy to transfer settings and content to its latest console

You won't have much of an issue transferring your desired settings and games from an Xbox One to an Xbox One X, Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra recently revealed.

First and foremost, by copying them onto an external storage device you'll be apply all your prefered settings to the Xbox One X during the console's setup.

Microsoft is also allowing users to download all 4K patches and Xbox One visual enhancements applicable to game's in a person's library before the console is released in November. The intention, Ybarra said, is to allow players the ability to jump right into games with enhanced visuals and features with minimal wait. Like settings, users can copy all of the patch data onto an external storage device to be transferred over to the One X.

Finally, Xbox One X users will be able to bring over all of their games and apps via a cloud-like service, rather than re-downloading each one-by-one. Furthermore, any users keeping game data on a external storage device will be able to access each simply by plugging the device into the console. 

The Xbox On X is the latest in the family of Xbox One consoles. Expected to be released on November 7th, Microsoft is claiming it will be the most-powerful console on the market, with over 100 games getting enhanced visuals.