Is This Our First Look at the Xbox Scorpio's Menus?

A video during Microsoft's Build Conference shows a brand new interface design


Microsoft is holding its big, developer-friendly Build Conference right now, and as a result we may have just seen our first glimpse of the user interface for the new Xbox Scorpio console. 30 seconds into a presentation on Microsoft's new "Fluent Design" there's a slick-looking clip of Forza Horizon 3 with a sexy new side menu. 

Is it obsessive to get so excited about a glimpse of a menu? Yes. Microsoft has been so selective about the information it's released about its next console that even a flash of UI ankle is interesting (this will no doubt be implemented on Xbox One as well, as the systems are fundamentally the same). What we do know is that Microsoft is claiming that Scorpio is faster and more powerful than any video game console currently available, and it's optimized for the new "4K generation." We'll get a proper look at it at E3 next month. 

At Build Microsoft also showed its Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers and announced that a Windows Mixed Reality dev kit is available to preorder now, with an Acer VR headset for $299 or HP VR headset for $329. They'll ship in summer.