Is 'Destiny 2' Coming on September 8?

Leaked retail posters set the date for the sequel and reveal a beta

Credit: Bungie

Destiny fans can mark their calendars and start avoiding social engagements, it looks like we're getting the sequel on September 8. The news didn't come from a fancy event or an official Bungie announcement, but amateur snaps of Italian retail posters for the blockbuster game. 

We knew the game was on the way thanks to publisher Activision's last earnings call, but this is the first time we've had a solid release date. Back in February the publisher promised "a great cinematic story that's been a real focus" through development and a memorable cast of characters. 

One image was posted by Italian gaming site Lega Network, another was posted on Reddit via image sharing site Imgur. 

Earlier this month Bungie revealed that your Destiny loot won't carry over to Destiny 2. It's stayed quiet on this date leak so far, but expect an official response later today.