Indie Dev Jason Roberts on The Challenges of Creating 'Gorogoa'

The critical reception for the 2D puzzler has been very positive.

Credit: Jason Roberts

There's been a lot of buzz recently about Gorogoa, a beautiful 2D puzzle game from indie developer Jason Roberts. Although it's a little on the short side, critics are praising it for its storybook aesthetic and devious puzzles. Now, in an interview with Nintendo Life, Roberts talks about the game's design and the challenges he faced bringing the project to life.

Gorogoa's biggest influence was a 2D platformer called Continuity, which divided levels into sliding tiles. "When I saw that game I was still designing Gorogoa, mostly in my head," Roberts says. "I had imagined sequences for Gorogoa where the character traverses a 2D maze from tile to tile, but since Continuity was already doing that successfully, I decided to try and explore in a different direction."

Getting the feel of Gorogoa right took a huge amount of trial and error, Roberts says, because the puzzle pieces are also scenes within a story. Pulling on one thread would always dislodge something else. "Balancing those constraints was really the overarching challenge of the whole project, and it took me the first year or two before I even understood that."

Check out Nintendo Life's full interview for more about Gorogoa's design, including Roberts' experiences working with the Nintendo Switch. Gorogoa is currently available on SteamiOS, and the Nintendo eShop.