IGDA Updates its Mission Statement To Stop Talent Loss in Game Industry

Also adds three new members to its board of directors

Credit: GDC

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is updating its mission statement, refocusing its efforts to embrace a wave of new developers and companies and try and stop a loss of talent, the association announced today.

According to the new mission statement, the IGDA "supports and empowers game developers around the world in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers." Starting March 22nd the group will offer new benefits for members, including additional support for any new and existing IGDA chapters and special interest groups, professional education partnerships, as well as expanding its research initiatives with new developer surveys and partnerships with the Anti-Defamation League to support diverse communities of developers and players. 

"The shape of game development has changed since the IGDA was founded 24 years ago. It’s the easiest it’s ever been to become a game developer, but conversely harder than ever to succeed as one, "Jen MacLean, executive director of the IGDA said in a press release. “Consequently, we’re losing talent. This impacts both the short- and long-term successes of individuals and studios throughout our industry. We need to actively support our small and medium-sized studios and the people who work for them because they become the Blizzards, Valves and Bethesdas of the future."

In addition to the new mission statement, three new members have been added to the IGDA board of directors. Hans ten Cate, an industry veteran who's worked on games like The Sims, Bernard Yee, executive producer and technical program manager at Oculus, and Rovio proudcer Christopher Hamilton will join other industry veterans on the board such as Kongregate CEO Emily Greer and Epic Games' David Stelzer. 

This news fits in line with statements the IGDA made last month announcing MacLean as its executive director, saying she will "will lead the IGDA as it supports game developers around the world in improving their personal and professional lives."