IBM, Unity Team Up to Bring Watson to Game Developers

A new SDK lets creators integrate cloud services into their applications.

Bringing data to life with IBM Immersive Insights. Credit: IBM

IBM and Unity are partnering to launch a new software development kit (SDK) on the Unity Asset Store, the companies announced Tuesday. The IBM Watson Unity SDK allows game developers to easily integrate Watson cloud services into their Unity applications.

Using the SDK, IBM says game developers can now configure projects to understand speech, talk with users, and understand the intent of a user in natural language. Player speech can be recognized and used to trigger in-game events, for example. You can see how it works in this clip of Ubisoft's Star Trek Bridge Crew, where the player issues verbal commands to non-playable characters.

The SDK can also handle real-time visual recognition. Some developers recently used it during an IBM-sponsored hackathon to create a VR adventure game called Watson and Waffles. During the game, players sketch objects using a Vive controller, while Watson's Vision API identifies the drawings and generates similar 3D objects.

Game developers interested in the IBM Watson Unity SDK can find more info here.