How to Watch Today's 'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Livestream

Maybe a look at gameplay is coming?

There will be a livestream revolving around the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2, developer Ubisoft-Montpelier announced today via Twitter. The stream is set to begin at 12:00 pm ET (9 am PT). 

This update, called the "Space Monkey Report," is the first of ostensibly many the developer will give over the course of the game's development. As of right now, the only real information about what viewer might see is a look at what the "dev team have been up to." It's unclear right now whether or not there will be a new trailer or gameplay shown off. 

The livestream will be available on Ubisoft's Facebook, Twitch and YouTube pages. 

Beyond Good and Evil 2 was originally revealed in 2008 as a sequel to the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil, released in 2003. However, the game was assumed to be in development hell until earlier this year at E3 when Ubisoft revealed a new trailer at its press conference. The game is a prequel to the original.