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How to Get Into the 'Destiny 2' Beta Without a Code or Pre-Order

No pre-order? No problem!

Destiny 2 Credit: Bungie

The Destiny 2 beta kicks-off later today, a bit early for those who were lucky enough to win a code or who pre-ordered the game. But you don't need to do either to gain early entry, it turns out.

A crafty Redditor points out that by creating a free PSN or Xbox Live account in Singapore, Hong Kong or Japan, you get instant access to the game without spending a dime (or needing to be lucky.)

Here's how it works:

  • Create a new user account on your console.
  • Create a new online account.
  • Make sure to list your home in Hong Kong, Japan or Singapore. (Just google an address to use. I like to pick stadiums.)
  • You'll need to fill out the form, which will be in a different language, but it is identical to the order of the form in English.
  • Next add a working email address. It can't be what you used for your main account. I just add a +country to my gmail account and it shows up in my normal account. So, for instance:
  • Confirm via the email sent you.
  • Finally, sign-in to your account and head on over to the beta area to pick-up your free early access Destiny 2 code.

If you're not up for the steps, you can also just wait a couple days for when the beta goes wide and live for everyone.