'Destiny 2' Glitch Opens Door to Hidden Content

Could this be the Lost Sector?

Destiny 2 beta Credit: Bungie

Destiny 2’s beta is just a couple of days old and players have already glitched their way through to a new area. 

The beta’s limited content didn’t stop YouTuber StrandedKenni, via Eurogamer, from sniffing around and finding his way into what seems like to be "The Lost Sector." This area was found on the planetoid Nessus, and other beta players can find it themselves at the start of the "Inverted Spire" strike mission.

You can see how it's done in the video below.

StrandedKenni wasn’t the only curious Destiny 2 beta player to unearth some apparent secrets, as attentive Tom managed to spot an entrance very similar to Destiny’s "Vault of Glass" raid.

Even though it’s apparent that the underground glitchy area isn’t complete, given its half-cut mountains and unfinished platforms, it could give us a brief preview of what to expect from Destiny 2’s patrol mode. Patrol mode was previously found in the original Destiny as well, but Bungie wants to expand it further and give players more freedom to explore specific planets and planetoids.

Destiny 2’s beta is currently live, giving players the chance to try the "Homecoming" campaign mission, two crucible multiplayer game modes, and "The Inverted Spire" strike mission. Since the beta runs for a couple of more days, players still have time to possibly find hints toward content featured in the final game. Destiny 2 releases for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6 and for PC on October 24.

Destiny 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the massively successful sci-fi shooter, Destiny by developer Bungie, creator of the Halo series.