'Horizon Zero Dawn' and 'The Witcher' Share Beautiful Twitter Moment

Guerrilla Games and CD Projekt RED create their own Aloy/Geralt fan fiction

Horizon Zero Dawn was released on February 28 Credit: PlayStation

In a world gone mad it's uplifting to see two of the big blockbuster game studios, Guerrilla Games and CD Projekt RED, playing nice on social media. 

CD Projekt RED, who created fantasy RPG The Witcher, took to Twitter with some specially created art to congratulate Guerrilla on the release of its open-world epic Horizon Zero Dawn. In it Geralt looks positively perky as he high fives brave Aloy.

CD Projekt RED then returned the compliment with their very own fan art, which saw the two heroes in a slightly more competitive mode.

It's hard to picture Aloy and Geralt getting on should they ever meet, courtesy of some kind of transdimensional portal, but the images are the stuff of shipping dreams nevertheless. 

Word on the internet is that Guerrilla Games also snuck a tribute to another game into Horizon Zero Dawn. Hideo Kojima is working with Guerrilla's engine Decima for his next title Death Stranding, and there are three items in the world, a Stranded Figure, Stranded Shackles and Stranded Necklace that give a little nod to the game's announcement trailer.