Horde Mode Coming to 'Fortnite' This Week

With it comes new weapons and playable heroes

A new Horde mode will be added to Fortnite on October 5th, developer Epic Games announced today. With it comes new weapons and playable heroes. 

In "Horde Bash," players will be given the chance to build up a defensive fort before teaming up with three other players to take on waves of enemies. As they play, they will be rewarded additional resources to build up their fort. Additionally, the "Scavenger Event" will add four new Heroes, nine weapons and two defenders, all earned with " Scavenger currency" received in Horde Bash. 

Lastly, Epic also announced the new update would add more than 25 new progression quests, rewarding items from Scavengert tickets to Legendary Items. 

Fortnite is a free-to-play survival game released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It recently found itself the embroiled in controversy after it added a battle royale game mode, receiving attention and criticism from PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds' publisher-develop Bluehole – which, while not being the first battle royale game, certainly brought it to its immense popularity