Hidden Switch Game May Be Former Nintendo President Tribute

"That man was loved"

Credit: Yuzuru Yoshikawa/Bloomberg/Getty

The recent discovery of the 1984 game NES Golf hidden inside the Nintendo Switch led many to speculate it was a test for later NES and Super NES games expected to come to the console in the future. However, a new theory that's surfaced behind why it's hidden in each Switch is less economical and far more touching.

Justin Epperson, a Senior Associate Producer at the localization company 8-4, took to Twitter to point out Golf's name in the Switch's firmware is "omamori," amulets bought at Japanese shrines believed to bring protection or good luck. Golf was programmed by Nintendo's late president Satoru Iwata, who passed away in 2015 from complications with his bile duct.

"So the idea is Nintendo imbedded Iwata’s game to watch over every unit," Epperson said. "That man was loved."

Nintendo hasn't confirmed Epperson's theory, but this isn't the first time fans have speculated whether the company was hiding Iwata tributes in its games. Earlier this year, players discovered a non-playable character sharing a likeness with Iwata. Additionally, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto said in an interview the former president had a tremendous influence on the Switch and its mechanics.