Bit Awards 2017 Nominees Have Been Announced, Check Them Out Here

'Perception' and 'Heliophobia' top the list for game of the year

Credit: Playcrafting

The Bit Awards, an annual award show celebrating video game developers, recently announced its 2017 nominees. Check out below for the full list. 

The award show will take place on December 15th at the The John L. Tishman Auditorium at Parsons, the New School of Design in New York City. Nominees – which include both games and developers – are chosen based on their "exceptional creativity and technical excellence." Tickets can be purchased here at the link

The full list of nominees, as detailed by show organizer Playcrafting, are as follows:

PC/CONSOLE GAME OF THE YEAR - Honoring the best game made for PC or console.

  • Black Future '88 by SUPERSCARYSNAKES
  • Heliophobia by Glass Knuckle Games
  • Next Up Hero by Digital Continue
  • Perception by The Deep End Games
  • Slime-san by The Fabraz Company

MOBILE GAME OF THE YEAR- Honoring the best game made for mobile.

  • Age of Rivals by Roboto Games
  • Battery Boy by Petricore​ 
  • Bouncy Smash by IV Studios
  • Calculator: The Game by Simple Machine​
  • Mama Hawk by ComputerLunch

TABLETOP GAME OF THE YEAR- Honoring the best tabletop game (card games, board games, etc).

  • Biome Builder by Killer Snails
  • San, Ni, Ichi by Ironmark Games
  • Someone Has Died by Gather Round Games
  • The Ultimate Clapback by Mot & Dot
  • University** of Dope by Vance Hall

BEST STYLE - Honoring excellence in game audio and/or visuals.

  • Batbarian by Frederic Tarabout
  • Black Future '88 by SUPERSCARYSNAKES
  • Catty Shack by E&E Games
  • Neon Wasteland by Rob Shields
  • Perception by The Deep End Games
  • Yi and the Thousand Moons by David Su

BEST XR GAME - Honoring the best game made for VR, AR or MR.

  • Clash of Magic by Narvalous
  • Fractal by Phosphene Designs
  • Panoptic by Team Panoptes
  • Paulo's Wing by Angry Array & Blitzen Games
  • Tornado Tower by Dizzy Slugs

BEST STUDENT GAME - Honoring the best game made primarily by students in an educational program.

  • Awkward Date by Asterism Game Studio
  • Black Emperor by Bumblebear Games
  • Don't Bite Me Bro! by MUIFWEGO
  • Don't Look Away by Eos Interactive & Made in Brooklyn Games Magic Masks by Magic Masks Team
  • Sumer by Studio Wumpus


  • A new award chosen by you! No game is too big or too small. Show your favorite some love! **Nominate your favorite game from 2017 here.


  • This is a special award in recognition of a developer known industry-wide for his or her contribution to the art and industry of games. Revealing soon.


  • This is a special award in recognition of a developer on the rise. One is chosen for each community - Boston, NYC and San Franscisco. Winners will be announced on the night of the event.