New 'Dual Universe' Trailer Shows Off an Alien City and Spaceships

The game's set to enter a public pre-alpha

Ahead of its pre-alpha release, developer Novaquark recently released a new trailer for Dual Universe, its upcoming MMO space simulator. 

Dual Universe takes place in a single-shared universe, and combines elements of Eve Online, Star Citizen and Minecraft. On September 30th, a playable build was made available to 2,500 crowdfudning backers. It's now set to enter a public pre-alpha stage. 

In the game, the human civilization has 500 years to develop a plan to leave Earth after it was discovered in 2027 a neuron star was set to collide with its solar system. Developing Arkships to send civilization to various parts of the galaxy, players are given control of the game when after human on a planet called Alioth in 12477. From there it's up to the player to build ships, houses and other necessities to live in their new environment. 

The trailer, seen above, doesn't show a whole lot, but it gives a look at what players can expect in terms of the design of characters and space ships. It also gives a brief look at an alien planet and city.