'Destiny 2': A Brief Glimpse at Upcoming Multiplayer Classes

Bungie reveals three of its new player classes for game's 4v4 multiplayer modes

Ahead of its September 6th release date, developer Bungie gave a brief look at some of the new multiplayer modes coming to Destiny 2. Check out the trailer above.

Shown off in the trailer are some brief gameplay shots of the game's new 4v4 modes as well as quick run downs of the types of characters will be be able to play as. Hunters, for example, are assault-based characters, able to charge into the battle for quick kills, Titans are defense fighters, able to charge at enemies and deploy shields and Warlocks operate as recovery fighters. It stands to reason there may be a fourth class not-yet-revealed, but as for now the trailer only gives a quick look at three fighters.

Destiny 2 is the sequel to the long-anticipated Destiny. A game that didn't quite meet the lofty expectations some players had for it. With the second entry, developer Bungie appears to be be attempting to make good on some of the promises of the original, with a deeper story and more engaging characters.