Here's a Look at a New Nation in 'Civilization 6'

Here's a look at some new stuff

Developer Fireaxis recently gave a inside-look at one of the new civilizations and its leader coming to Civilization 6's new "Rise and Fall" expansion via GameSpot.

As the outlet details, the Cree will be led by Poundmaker. The group will ship with a special move called "Nihithaw," which, when used, give the Cree a free trade-route after it researches pottery. Also, in the expansion, any time a trader comes within three tiles of the Cree, the tile will be claimed for the civilization.

The leader, Poundmaker, will have a special ability called "Favorable Terms," which allows the player to strike an alliance with shared visibility. "Additionally, any external trade route with cities that have camps and pastures provides extra food, while the other city gets extra gold," the outlet said about the new leader. 

Lastly, the Cree's unique improvement is called the "Mekewap." This improvement will provide production and housing, as well as "gold if it's adjacent to a luxury resource or food if it's next to a bonus resource." The Cree will also have a recon unit called the "Okihtcitaw," coming with a free promotion. 

Civilization 6's Rise and Fall expansion is slated for a February 8th release.