The Top Nine Moments of PlayStation Experience 2017

Throat baby approved.

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Insomniac Talks 'Spider-Man'

In a behind-the-scenes video, developer Insomniac Games talks about its upcoming Spider-Man project and what makes Spidey a great superhero.

"He wasn't some billionaire playboy," says writer Dan Slott. "He wasn't an alien from another planet. He was that guy down the block."

"Every great Spider-Man story is also a Peter Parker story," says Marvel Games executive creative director Bill Rosemann.

The video also offers some tidbits about one of the villain's Spidey will fight, an all-new version of Martin Lee, a.k.a. Mr. Negative. "We're really kind of poking at that idea of how some people have a dark side," says Rosemann. "The question is whether you give in to that dark side or don't."

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