'Her Story' Creator Working on a Modern 'War Games' Project

'#WarGames' will update the original 1983 film for modern audiences

The next project from Sam Barlow, the creator of critical-darling Her Story, is an adaptation of the 1983 Cold War thriller War Games, appropriately titled with a modern twist #WarGames, interactive entertainment company Eko announced today. #WarGames is a collaboration between Barlow, Eko and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer – the latter of which distributed the original film.

Like the film, #WarGames puts "viewers in the middle of a thrilling tale of modern espionage, hacking and government conspiracy."

"With #WarGames I was thrilled to take the questions raised by the original movie and ask them again in a world where technology has fundamentally changed our lives. To do that interactively felt like a perfect marriage of form and content,"  Barlow said in a press release. "I am excited to introduce viewers to the new hacker protagonist, Kelly, who represents the breadth of modern hacker culture and its humanity. As viewers help steer her story, I hope they will fall in love with her as much as the #WarGames team did!"

Eko specializes in a sort of choose-your-own adventure style of movies. #WarGames will be available on Eko's website, though no release date was given aside from announcing it'll be available next year. Check out a trailer for the experience above.