'Hearthstone' Gets 'Kobolds & Catacombs' Expansion, Roguelike Single-Player Mode

New single-player mode is free

"Kobolds and Catacombs" is the next set of 135 themed cards coming in December to Hearthstone, Blizzard's collectible trading card game, the company announced today at Blizzcon. The publisher also announced a new single-player mode called Dungeon Runs!

In Dungeon Runs! you have to take on random bosses and each time you defeat a boss you learn new cards increasing your power. If you lose you have to start over with a novice deck from your class of choice. "As they progress, they’ll bolster their decks with cards looted from defeated bosses, including some immensely powerful treasures exclusive to Dungeon Runs. Heroes should plunder with caution, however, because losing a single battle will spell the end of their Dungeon Run," according to the press release. The publisher calls it a roguelike twist on the game.

Some of the cards for the upcoming "Kobolds and Catacombs" set were shown off during the presentation by having the entire live audience play a bit of live dungeons and dragons through a dungeon littered with some of those new cards.

Cards shown off include Marin the Fox, a character who has a chest filled with "crazy cards" like one that will fill your hand with all of the next card you draw. Another, Crushing Walls, destroys an opponents left and right most creatures. Recruit is a card that allows you to pull a creature from your deck and put it straight into play. They also showed off a legendary weapon called Dragon Soul, which summons a dragon after casting three spells in a tour. All classes, they said, will have their own legendary weapons.

Here's the backstory and such from the press release:

"Pesky Kobolds have been tunneling beneath Azeroth for thousands of years, uncovering and hoarding artifacts long forgotten by mortals and surface dwellers . . . but whispers of these mighty treasures ripe for the taking have begun to spread throughout taverns far and wide. Some of the most alluring rumors speak of powerful Spellstones among the 135 cards included in 'Kobolds & Catacombs': enchanted items that you hold in your hand to empower before playing. Intrepid adventurers will also be able to arm themselves with one of nine new class-specific Legendary Weapons! Players will receive one free Legendary Weapon the first time they log in to Hearthstone after 'Kobolds & Catacombs' has launched. "