'GTA V' Character Doesn't Resemble Lindsay Lohan, Court Rules

The celebrity sued publisher Take-Two Interactive in 2014

Credit: Rockstar Games

A Grand Theft Auto V character does not look like actress Lindsay Lohan, the New York Court of Appeals ruled on Thursday.

While the court said in an opinion a computer generated image may be considered a "portrait" under current state civil rights law, "the artistic renderings are indistinct, satirical representations of the style, look, and persona of a modern, beach-going young woman that are not reasonably identifiable as the plaintiff."

Lohan sued GTA V publisher Take-Two Interactive in 2014 over a NPC in the game called Lacey Jonas. Players encounter her while she's hiding in an alley from the paparazzi. She describes herself as an "actress slash singer" and the "voice of a generation."

Artwork during the game's loading screens depict similar blonde women. One is wearing a red bikini and flashing a peace sign as she takes a selfie. Another wears a fedora and large sunglasses while being frisked by a female police officer.

Lohan claimed developer Rockstar Games modelled the character and screens after her, using her "image, likeness, clothing, outfits, clothing line products, and ensemble in the form of hats, hairstyle, and sunglasses" without her permission.

The New York Supreme Court ruled against Lohan in 2016, leading to the appeal. Ten media organizations asked the New York Court of Appeals to reject the case back in January, claiming it could erode the First Amendment rights of journalists, filmmakers, writers, and other creatives if Take-Two lost.

Mob Wives star Karen Gravano was also part of the lawsuit. The court rejected her claim too.