'Good Morning America': Should Parents Worry About 'Fortnite?'

The show did a segment today about the time children spend playing the game

Amidst a larger conversation surrounding video games and their effects on children and teenagers, Good Morning America today addressed concerns by some parents that their kids are spending too much time with Epic Games' popular battle royale shooter Fortnite. You can check it out in the above video.

Like most mainstream media segments about video games, it's vaguely fearmongery and a little out of touch. Case in point: when host Michael Strahan asks psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader what makes Fortnite different than any other game from a clinical perspective, Dr. Fader says the game is "so interactive." Which is both painfully obvious and nonsensical.

But, the segment does actually balance its concerns by noting Fortnite could have a positive effect on kids too. "The beauty of video games is they're moving from being solo experiences to more social experiences that invite people to come together and bond over a shared positive activity," says trends expert (whatever that means) Scott Steinberg.

The video game industry has faced increased scrutiny in recent weeks following a deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida. During a White House session on school safety last month, President Trump proposed regulating them with a ratings system (it already has one). He then said he plans to meet with people from the gaming industry next week, but right now it's not clear who he's meeting with. The Electronic Software Association – which represents 34 companies including Nintendo, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Sony Interactive Entertainment – says its members haven't received invitations. There's also the ongoing, growing conversation about loot boxes and whether video games can be addictive.