Glixel Podcast: Yes, We're Still Talking About 'Prey' (and 'Forza' Hot Wheels)

Plus: Impressions of PSVR shooter 'Farpoint', enthusiasm for the 'Forza Horizon 3' Hot Wheels DLC, and our proposal for the perfect 'Hitman' game

As promised on last week's show, we've all been playing a lot of Prey over the past week and we have plenty to talk about. Also this week, Simon talks about his discussion with Sony R&D guru Richard Marks about PlayStation VR, we give our impressions of new VR "lightgun" style shooter Farpoint, and John enthuses wildly about how much he loves the new Forza Horizon 3 expansion pack, Hot Wheels. John and Rachel have a bit of a Crosswords with Friends rivalry developing plus, with news that Hitman developer IO Interactive has been put up for sale by Square Enix, we describe our perfect multiplayer Hitman game.

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