Listen to the Glixel Podcast: 'Mass Effect Andromeda', 'Ghost Recon' and Miguel's Miniature Tackle Box

Our impressions from the first 10 hours of BioWare's upcoming epic

In just a few short days we'll all have the pleasure of playing Mass Effect Andromeda and complaining about its weird animation and oddly scripted story, but for now you'll just have to make do with us moaning about it for 20 minutes. After we suck all the fun out of one game you're looking forward to playing, we move on to trying to pin down the dichotomy that is Ghost Recon Wildlands. On one hand it's a brilliantly realized sandbox shooter, and on the other its a clumsy attempt at tackling contemporary geopolitics. Could they have done it better? Finally, Miguel enlightens us on his latest obsession: the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game and his need to organize all its tiny parts in a rigorously organized tackle box.

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