Listen to the Glixel Podcast: It's the Nintendo Switch Launchcast

On Switch launch day we talk Zelda and some of the system's weird little quirks

It's the Nintendo Switch launchcast Credit: Glixel

Between the four of us, we definitely have some mixed feelings about the Switch so far. We're all in agreement that Zelda is an incredible achievement, and probably one of the best games that Nintendo has ever made, but we definitely have some misgivings about the device itself – both the hardware (especially the Joy-Cons, which are an acquired taste) and the system software. For all the advancements we've seen on PC, mobile and other consoles there's a lot about the Switch that feels kinda dumb and unfinished.

Also on this episode – a special piece of exclusive #content – the first ever audio unboxing of a Nintendo Switch, freshly delivered by the UPS guy. Join Miguel on his emotional journey from frustration before it arrives, to relief and finally elation as he tears into the box. It's moving stuff.

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